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The recent release of the Iphone 6 has once again created another frenzy. An Iphone 6 plus in the United states has now rocketed up to $1300 , 173% more than the original price that apple sells. Things look even more ridiculous in China; they buy in ONE Iphone 6 plus for as high as $3000.

All these bizarre phenomena are the result of an intelligent marketing plan constructed by Apple. Over the years, releases of Iphones has always been able to gain huge media coverage due to uncertain atmosphere Apple created. Before the actual conference held by Apple, public do not receive a single piece of information about their latest inventions. They continue to build up the hype by only releasing their product to a few countries with an insufficient amount of supply. With a normal demand and a extremely low supply, price will obviously be sky high. More importantly, it creates a false impression to mass public that their product is a luxury to have. Finally, due to an intensive feedback loops from consumers and extensive media coverage, when Apple finally releases their normal supply of phones, it will be all sold out in seconds. Utilizing this strategy, Apple successfully catches consumers’ mentality.


Apple has been criticized about losing innovations in their products after the death of Steve Jobs. However, they are still able to gain record sales and revenues year after year. We should all give a big round of applause to Apple’s marketing team.



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