University of British Columbia – Community Collaboration

Overview of PowerPoint #1

  • TRIBES – A New Way of Learning and Being Together

Approximate time to view PowerPoint is 20 minutes

Main Ideas:

  • Tribes’ engages participants in a process aimed at establishing positive cultural connections in a program and community.
  • Strategies can be woven into a pattern of interaction (with children, caregivers, parents, colleagues) that creates a caring environment.
  • Four principles guide community building and effective communication
  1. Attentive Listening — silently with full attention
  2. Appreciation – no putdowns – positive statements
  3. Right to Pass – provides courage, control, and decision making power
  4. Mutual Respect – respect for self, others, and individual qualities
  • Strategies aim to provide effective communication choices in groups—processes such as observing, listening, and reflecting on whole community concerns.
  • Aboriginal traditions and values within this program include community circle of sharing, respect, character values.


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