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Sharing Your Ideas

(To be completed online. Please follow online instructions.)

In this section of the learning unit, we ask you to share your ideas with other Aboriginal Head Start sites as one way of collecting new resources and ideas from colleagues. Your ideas should be submitted online, using the comment link. After clicking on the comment link, the comment box will open where you can type your ideas in the space provided. Then click on the ‘submit’ button.

In this learning unit, you have explored and practiced effective communication strategies and skills that draw on Aboriginal culture and values. In the working space below, think about a common communication difficulty in your Head Start site that could be resolved through effective communication principles. Share the model that could provide a solution or strategy to resolve the problem. Describe how you would use the strategy.

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Now that you have spent some time thinking about approaches to communication that value Aboriginal traditions and values and will assist you in your work with Aboriginal families, you may want to share ideas stimulated by different learning concepts and ideas in this learning unit.

We are asking you to reflect on your participation in this learning unit and the new knowledge shared here. Follow the online instructions to provide feedback. Please take time to comment on any of the following questions to provide us with feedback.

♦        What was helpful to you in this unit?

♦        What ideas for family literacy programming has this unit brought to mind?

♦        Can you share some of these?

♦        Do you feel you are better prepared for starting or re-visioning a family literacy initiative at your site?  Can you give details?

♦        Were parts that were not helpful?  Can you say why they were not helpful?

♦        What questions or doubts do you still have?

♦        What would you suggest we add to this unit to improve it?

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