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This learning unit introduced you to concepts and processes related to models of effective communication. The importance of effective communication to families, communities, and institutions such as schools and Head Start sites is tied to positive relationships and strong community development:

  • Aboriginal culture embraces traditional communicative teachings.
  • Communication practices enhance relationships in communities.
  • Integration and application of multiple strategies and skills help to ensure effective communities and literacy initiatives that meet those needs.

This unit is intended to help you to become familiar with effective communication models that can be adapted and applied in Head Start sites during planning and implementation phases of program development:

  • Effective communication strategies provide methods for attentive listening, empathic understanding, and compassionate communication.
  • Aboriginal values and cultural beliefs are supported and sustained.
  • Human development and community growth are long-term objectives over time, achieved through effective communication.

This unit has provided an overview of various models of effective communication to help you plan and implement literacy goals and initiatives for Aboriginal children in Head Start sites.

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