University of British Columbia – Community Collaboration

Overview of Powerpoint #2

  • Non-violent Communication (NVC)

Approximate time to view PowerPoint is 20 minutes

Main Ideas:

  • Purpose: to empower compassionate and respectful communication: giving and receiving.
  • Nonviolence is the natural state of compassion.
  • Four components of compassionate communication aim to reach resolution through empathy.
  1. Observation – focus on what we and others are observing separate from interpretations and judgments.
  2. Feeling – focus on the feeling aroused, in relation to what is observed.
  3. Needs – be aware of the values and desires that create the feeling.
  4. Request – the concrete action that is requested in order to enrich our lives, or enhance communication.
  • Two parts of compassionate communication experienced through the four components: expressing honesty and receiving empathically.
  • Aboriginal traditions and values within this program include interdependence towards well being, connection, universal quality of ‘alive in us’.


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