University of British Columbia – Community Collaboration

Activity #3


From the Tribes model, this activity engages group members in active listening skills. Compassionate understanding and attentive listening are skills and attitudes that build community and foster inclusion.


1.            Have community sit in a sharing circle.

2.            Instruct the group members that each person will have one minute to tell an event or experience in his or her personal history. Remind the listeners to give full attention (remember body language) without interrupting.

3.            At the completion of the exercise, when every member has shared their one-minute story, ask participants the following:


What did you learn about someone else in this activity?

What would you be able to retell from what a member in the circle shared?

What can we learn when we reflect on experiences in our lives?


How can you tell that others were using effective listening skills?

Why was a minute enough/not enough time to share?

Did the people who shared later in the activity share more or less? Why?


How did you feel about sharing?

Showing Appreciation

Invite statements of appreciation:

“I liked it when you said…”

“I felt good when…”

“I was particularly interested when you…”


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