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Supplemental Resources and Readings

Online Resources/websites

Four Directions Teachings

This website offers teachings from five First Nations across Canada. It is visually stunning and traditional teachings can be heard orally from Elders. In addition to the connections to effective communication and building community, the site has many connections to the previous learning units also.

The British Columbia Teacher Federation

In the section called Ways to Challenge Racism they offer very useful scenarios for standing up against racism and is a great example on how to communicate in very difficult situations.

Teacher Guide English 12 FP

This teacher’s guide offers many valuable teaching strategies and information on communications such as the guidelines for respectful interaction/communication.

Beyond Words: Creating Racism-Free Schools for Aboriginal Learners

Education is our Buffalo: A Teacher’s Resource for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education in Alberta (2006)

The Alberta Teachers’ Association


Armstrong, J. (1982). Enwhisteetkwa: Walk in water. Penticton: Okanagan Curriculum Project.

Brendtro, L., M. Brokenleg & S, Van Bockern. (1990). Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our hope for the future.

Calliou, S. (1995). Peacekeeping Actions at Home: A Medicine Wheel Model for a Peacekeeping Pedagogy. In M. Battiste & J.Barman (Eds.), First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds (pp. 47-72). Vancouver: UBC Press.

Phil Lane Jr., (1984). The Sacred Tree. Lethbridge, Alberta: Four Worlds Development Press.


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