Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of a group of students passionate about Agora, and ensuring the café is continuing to run on the day-to-day and provide innovative ideas to make sure Agora is meeting our full potential! Being on the Executive Committee gives students valuable teamwork experience, as well as being able to learn skills in running a not-for-profit foodservice establishment.

General Manager

The General Manager has the big picture of the cafe’s workings, within and without. They create schedules for the executives and the volunteers, maintain cafe inventory, and organize collaboration with clubs, groups, and partners on and off campus. They work to ensure the whole cafe is running smoothly.

Secretary & Human Resources Manager

The Secretary and HR Manager makes sure everyone knows what’s going on with the cafe by organizing meetings, managing volunteer hiring and training, and working with the Web, Tech, and Comms exec on the newsletters. They are also responsible for collecting and addressing customer and volunteer feedback to help Agora best serve its community.

Web, Technology and Communications Manager

The Web, Tech and Communications Manager is the one in charge of our social media (Instagram, Facebook) communications, the Agora website, and works with the Secretary & HR exec on the newsletter. They advertise events and communicate about hiring and cafe updates.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is responsible for Agora’s budget, invoicing, and fundraising effectively and responsibly. They will liaise with LFS Finance to ensure Agora’s accountability and financial viability.

Food Safety Manager/COVID-19 safety officer

The Food Safety Manager makes sure the cafe is up to standard with Vancouver Coastal Health food safety regulations by maintaining protocols, forms, and signage and scheduling regular health inspections. They organize food safety courses for volunteers and oversee cafe tasks to keep the area clean and safe, like laundry and sanitization.

Agora takes the safety of its volunteers and customers very seriously. One of the seven executive members is assigned the role of Safety Officer, who is responsible for keeping the executive team up to date on current provincial or regional changes in COVID-19 safety protocol. They will communicate weekly with the executive team, and if changes have been implemented, they will work with the Secretary & HR exec to inform all cafe members. This executive will also maintain regular communication with the Macmillan building staff for any updates from the faculty or university about policies or changes.

Prep Shift Manager

The Prep Shift Manager does everything related to the weekly food preparation shift, including creating the volunteer schedule, managing the volunteers, and determining menu items using the feedback from customers and other volunteers. They work closely with the General Managers and Finance to coordinate inventory.

Catering Manager

The Catering Manager manages the cafe’s catering orders and oversees the catering volunteer training and scheduling.



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