Recipe Tutorials every Monday!!

We’re about the make your Mondays less Monday-like with weekly recipe tutorials. We’ll be releasing a new tutorial every Monday until the end of the semester! Watch our social media starting next Monday to learn how to make your favourite Agora recipes.

Valentines Recipe Booklet

Love is in the air… and no it’s not Covid cause that ain’t lovely. Agora Cafe is ready to dish out some of the best love to y’all. What better way to feel the flutter in your stomach and make your heart skip not too many beats than with food. Our Valentines Recipe Booklet will provide you with recipes to enjoy with others or yourself. Get the booklet first by subscribing to our biweekly newsletter. Just head over to and click on the first button!

Closed for Term 2

Hey Agora friends!

Hope you had a good extra-long winter break. Unfortunately, we’ll have to start term 2 with some bad news which is that we will still be closed. We’ll still be maintaining our online presence just as we have done over the past term and coming up with new events and collabs. There are a lot of ways to keep track of us and to support us. We recommend visiting these links to check out all our social media, newsletter, and more!

Happy new year and good luck!

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