The UBC Monarch

Hello, starved readership, this is Taylor with a barely tantalizing tale. Around midnight, I was Google image creeping certain people in my extended networks when lo and behold I stumbled upon a marvelous doodle of our dearest Toope. I was impressed with this image, it had a photoshop quality so beautiful it surpassed the talent of our own Gossip Guy.

Imagine my shock when I clicked on the photo to find out that it was from an archaicĀ post in 2008 about Toope being the #40 most powerful person in Vancouver…from Issues That Matter.

Apparently they were once in the business of Issues That Are Awesome. Also, Toope once ate 16 cinnamon rolls in one sitting.

Oh, and: from here on out, we’re getting paid to do VFM. You can vote for ConfidentialĀ here every day, but don’t expect a lot of lame posts (possibly like this one). We’ll still be giving you great, hilarious content but only when it’s great. Don’t expect daily blogging just to blog, we respect your time and our time too much for that. You could be doing better things, like drinking or procrastinating.

3 thoughts on “The UBC Monarch

  1. J

    Should also be noted that now that the Ministry of Community and Rural Development has been disbanded, and its former Deputy Minister has retired, Toope IS, in fact, a monarch of UBC, whose power is only matched by the BOG, or BOliGarchy, if you will. Also, the governance issue at UBC, now, may never be resolved. Tuum est! ANARCHY!

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