“Talent” Kevin wants to see at UBC’s Got Talent

The countdown is on! Just over two months until UBC’s Got Talent, where we’re going to see some amazing performers take the Chan Centre stage. Excited? I know I sure am!

Bullshit. C’mon. Admit it. You know this event is going to be super cheesy. Seeing our President BFF’s sing a duet will no doubt be enthralling; however, we need to spice it up a little. Let’s add in some crazy stuff. Snake charming… contorsionists… whatever. Let’s show what UBC really has to offer.The ladies over at 11eleven have a bit more analysis on the event, if you don’t want to simply hear about all the crazy stuff I want to see that you’d probably only think up near the end of Gallery Tuesday while tuning out the guys singing Backstreet Boys. Again.

On board? Great. Here’s what I want to see happen:

AMS AVP Academic Sean Cregten shear his ideal Land Use Plan into the side of sheep.

Justin Yang either rapping on stage, or doing a spoken word piece. SUS. AUS. AMS. Senate. This guy has done it all. He has to know some secrets… and what better way to expose them through a freestyle rap? Further challenge to Justin… rap the lyrics in the caption, post a video, and… I don’t know. We’ll do something special for you.

come to me if you need a tutor/or else you’ll be stuck working for roto-rooter/I’ve got more memory than a super computer/my name’s J YANG, hot shit, straight shooter.

Ekat  vs. Crystal Hon: Who can build the better new SUB out of Lego. There’s no real predefined judging matrix; however, points will be awarded for colour coordination, accessibility, use of green materials (green blocks), and overall “WTF is this?!?” factor.

Three generations of VP Academics could lead to three times the fun. I think there’s only one way to find out… a walk-off.

It’s a walk-off! Well, hopefully a couple people will get the references anyways.

Glorious readers… what/who do you want to see at UBC’s Got Talent?