Here are the results for the AMS Referendum!

13,574 voted with 28.9% turnout…huge increase since the 7800 on Wednesday.

  1. Housekeeping bylaws- YES – meaning we can have quorum for 500 people instead of 1000.
  2. AMS Bylaws – NO – failed to meet quorum
  3. U-Pass – YES – 95% yes, with 678 students who didn’t want the U-Pass
  4. Tuition policy – YES -meaning Council will now think about if they want to lobby for lower tuition, will probably not act on it.
  5. AMS Fees – YES – students voted 52% to 48% to increase the majority of students fees by $5. THE AMS IS SAVED.

It is a happy day for all those involved in any kind of activity at UBC…we’re not exactly sure how they pulled this off but they did! Congratulations!! Now, off to go drink ourselves silly. We’ll probably do something more in depth at a later date, but depending on how drunk we get this weekend, we might not. HEART YOU, READERS.

3 thoughts on “WE CAN HAZ MONIEZ!

  1. Chris

    I thought there was some overlap between AMS by-laws and housekeeping ie. the privacy of AMS documents. What happens now because one of them passed and the other did not?

  2. Katherine

    The quorum question was in the substantial by-law changes. A thousand people will still be needed to change anything. Think the University will lend us the Chan Centre for free?

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