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Jeff Abeysekera, why don’t you support Jeff Abeysekera?

“Disendorsed” is a new feature we’ll be running throughout the elections season, and possibly onward as student politicans continue to fail and old hacks continue to make fun of their petty failures. Ain’t student involvement grand?

DISENDORSED BY: Jeff Abeysekera

“jumping_jeff_flash” (he has gas? gas? gas?) tried to put up an AMA on the /r/ubc subreddit which managed to get a whopping 0 upvotes and 4 downvotes so far. ZERO upvotes? What the fuck? Reddit automatically awards one upvote (from the post’s authour) to every. single. submission. That means Jeff has managed remove the upvote on his own post. When you don’t think asking yourself questions is a worthwhile endeavour, what does that say about your candidacy?

Luckily for us all, he did answer the one question posted, “How do you pronounce your last name?” Now, when people ask “Who’s the guy whose platform consists of four meaningless and patronizing buzzwords?” [Jay Shah’s campaign would phrase it thusly: technology. integration. social. media.] you can respond knowingly with “Jeff. Jeff uh-bay-say-ker-ah” rather than just “uh, that Jeff guy, I think?”

Conclusion: As the kids would say, “fail.” DISENDORSED.