Guess who I met at the UBC Apple Festival! (Hint: He plays an angel on a TV show…)


He plays the angel Castiel on the show Supernatural, and he’s awesome, like seriously awesome.

It was last Sunday at the Apple Festival, the weather was terrible, cold and I was selling apple juice in giant cartons. I was walking around my stand with an apple juice carton, yelling ‘APPLE JUICE! ALL ORGANIC AND NATURAL ONLY FOR-OHMERGAW-‘ when I saw Misha and his wife and kids around the apple sales entrance. My mouth literally dropped at the sight. I wanted to go over there so badly, but he was on the phone. So I resorted back to selling my apple juice and occasionally glancing back at him. At this point, I was kind of thinking that I’d never get a chance to meet him. About 30 minutes later, he was wandering around our area so a few girls from my group and I went up to him. I felt so anxious, excited and nervous. And I definitely did not want to faint in front of him. I kind of approached him first and introduced myself to him. He noticed my name tag and greeted me back. I told him how much I adored his character on Supernatural, and how amazing he is (GISHWHES check that out!). Misha is just so down to earth and friendly. Plus, he was carrying his little girl around! He’s keeping her name a secret haha. Afterwards I got a picture with him. And my life became sort of complete hahaha….

But that’s not the end of it….Near the end of my shift, I saw him, his wife and kids again around our apple sales. I waved at him, and this time he came over with a smile, saying “All right, you guys got me, I’m getting them.” and he proceeded to buy the apple juice carton from me. So many feels.

all my feels

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Okay, it’s been way too long

and my blog’s basically covered with cobwebs because I have literally been working my butt off with midterms and volunteering @_@

SOOOOO, midterms are over (don’t ask me how it went or else I’m going to weep on my laptop) and man, it’s been a hectic month already. Man, I missed September, things weren’t so stressful back then.

Day of the Longboat was soooo awesome. We actually made it to the finals….but that was after half of our group left for home -___-


First things first, I’m getting myself involved in my faculty so I’m signing up for LFSUS first year committee. I’m also planning on getting myself a volunteer spot at BC Children’s Hospital/Women and Children’s Hospital or at a vet clinic (fingers crossed!) Hopefully I’ll get some more volunteering done by the end of this month.

Secondly, SOCK WARSSS!!!111!! There’s nothing more exciting than trying to stalk your target and whacking them with a sock, that is, a clean one. Both Vanier and Totem have it. So here’s how it works, you’re assigned a target-a person from your twin house. Your goal is to find that person and hit them with a sock (there mustn’t be anything in that sock like sharp pencils…). However, there are a few ‘safe rules’ where you can’t be hit by your target and vice versa. You can’t be hit in the bathroom, in the Vanier dining hall (or Totem) and if they’re wearing a safety item (item depends each week). At the end, there will be two individuals from each house representing as ‘tributes’ for the finals. It’s like Hunger Games but with tons of socks.

I feel like I’m being targeted right now as I type this @____@

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Guess what?

I’m participating in the Day of the Longboat! A couple of girls from my floor and I have signed up for the event. Representing 2nd floor Tweeds WOOOOOO! 

So how do you prepare for the Longboat? That’s a question I thought about when I first signed up. But you don’t need to be fit or athletic to join. There’s multiple categories so our team won’t face the boys (though I’d say we might give them a run for their money..who knows haha), and we’ll probably face teams from other Vanier (or Totem) houses.

I did attempt to work out for it, and that’s how I ended up in the Vanier commonsblock on the rowing machine, pulling my arms off, and now they feel numb at the moment. I don’t think I could be an Olympian in rowing-related sports, but I can say that  being a part of the Longboat is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to integrate teamwork and UBC spirit! Now, I’m just shaking with anticipation for next Saturday. Bring it on.

let's do this

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This week: Clubs, clubs and more clubs

So this week is Clubs Week! Students (of all years) can sign up for membership with various groups and organizations of their interest. It’s the best way to get yourself involved in the campus, there’s so many choices (Food Society,  Ski and Board club, Quidditch club, you name it!)

I was busy and in quite a hurry throughout the day (3 classes in a row from 9-12 and another 3 o’clock class completely drained me..) but I managed to check them out. I went around 1:00ish, and I wasn’t prepared for lots of squishing because clearly it was packed in the SUB. There were clubs and organizations listed on a board so you could look for the clubs you were interested in.  I’d have to say that an hour is nearly not enough to actually go around. Remember to bring money when you apply for membership! Now, I didn’t bring enough money with me when I went so I only managed to sign up for clubs and paid for one membership.

Applied Membership (so far)

Pre-Vet & Animal Welfare Club (PAW UBC): Having a pre-vet group is helpful for preparing for vet school applications or for general vet school information. I knew that I had to get myself on board, both as a aspiring pre-vet student and an animal enthusiast. There’s also fundraisers and icebreakers throughout the year!

Signed Up (so far)

Quidditch Club: YESSS I SIGNED UP FOR IT. As a HP (and Starkid fan), I’ve been trying to get my hands on that sign up sheet for a while. I really can’t wait till the practice session starts.

Student Environment Centre: I had the opportunity and experience leading my high school’s environmental group, and now I want to continue taking an initiative for sustainability in UBC.

Mental Health Awareness Club of UBC: I’m really interested in mental health issues and spreading awareness to others. I’ve known some classmates who had suffered from depression or eating disorders, often their voices aren’t heard by others because people aren’t aware of the disease.

Equestrian Club: Yes, I was that girl who loved horses as a child (and still do). I haven’t been riding for quite a while, but I used to ride leisurely and I do miss it. I can’t wait to be find riding opportunities or stable jobs haha.


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A new week’s starting….

-Getting up at 7, rushing to 3 classes in a row and quizzes to do.

-Chem Wet lab this week. (don’t burn the building down, don’t burn the building down jk.)

-Countdown until Christmas: 99 days

-On a side note: I really love LFS 100, someone make it a 3 credit course please.

-Join Quidditch.

Ron totally gets me.


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It’s been 2 WEEKS already??!

Yeah, time sure goes by when your head is stuck in a biology textbook. When first week passed, I assumed that you know, second week was going to be relatively faster. But word of caution, when you forget to balance your courses and your social life, things can be pretty hectic (and you start counting down the days to your first midterm.)

So here’s what happened:

  • I have seen the light -BLUE CHIP COOKIES: someone sneak into their kitchen and smuggle their recipes for me because for the love of pasty goods I have yet to find a deliciously, sinful cookie as good as theirs. I tried it the first week (goal accomplished!) Their cookies may seem really sweet, but one cookie had me filled up in no time. Try out the Brazil Nut Cookie with its smooth, gooey white chocolate and crisp Brazil nuts that will have you and your taste buds screaming for more. The Smartie cookie looks really tempting too, and the Chunky one is for the chocolate die-hards.
  • GET’CHA HEAD IN THE GAME: (no, I wasn’t watching re-runs of High School Musical) The first week of classes was a tad bit overwhelming partly because I still had my head in summer mode. By the second week though, it’s a wake up call. Things are going to be really fast-paced here because all your courses are basically condensed into 3 months. It’s not easy, I know that for a fact.
  • READ ALL THE THINGS (AND WORK WITH OTHERS): The best way to learn things, well is to work together with others, like with friends or classmates. My Math 102 assignments couldn’t have been done without working together with others or on Piazza (though it’s not my favorite source for help). It also provides a sense of support because everyone’s doing the same thing as you (and occasionally suffering).
  • Always be prepared for classes: Don’t be like me in her second week of class, forgetting her iClicker for Bio 112, rushing back to her dorm before realizing her keys are back in the lecture room (Long story short: I always check the things I need for class.)
  • Yeahhh, I work out: Exercise is a great stress reliever, I’ve been doing runs both outside and on the treadmill (at the Vanier commonsplace, don’t judge). I feel in shape and sharper. Note to self: get a Birdcoop membership by next term….
  • Get Involved: Clubs Week is coming up, and it’s the perfect timing for students to get themselves involved. If you live in residence, chances are you can also get involved in your residence associations. I attended the Place Vanier group associations and I signed up for a variety of groups (Sustainability, etc.). Try signing up and check if the group/club is right for you. Also, check our your faculty undergraduate society. I’m currently looking into first year representative for Faculty of Land and Food Systems.
  • Last but not least, BREATHE: I really felt like I was holding my breath the entire 2 weeks. Try to find something that relaxes you, or seek out a friend and do things together. Remember, you’re not alone.


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Imagine Day: The definition of AWESOME.

Forgive my lack of posting, I was very occupied after being lost around the campus for the past few days. (I finally remember the route from Vanier to my classes….) But I am here after an eventful day clearly tired and exhausted from my first classes (which if I do have the strength, I will elaborate further about it)

Imagine Day was clearly one of the highlights of my first week so far. It was filled with lots of tours and events that would make bystanders green with envy, or awe. So here’s the recap:

  • MUG (My undergraduate group) Basil: On Imagine Day faculties use MUG groups for first years and transfers that act as a way to get together, interact and make friends while representing their faculty. Mine was called Basil which is totally cool with me. I love food, don’t judge. Our MUG leader, Connie, was super friendly and enthusiastic. My group had around 13 people which was pretty enormous compared to most faculties.
  • Wear black if you’re in LFS: Yeah, at first everyone looked a bit depressed with the black attire. It doesn’t help that other faculties have vibrant or bright colors to represent (I’m looking at you, Engineering and Kinesiology) But hey, embrace your colors. Black is the new black.
  • 8:00 AM Arrival
  • 8:30 AM BREAKFAST: The perks of being part of a faculty immersed with agriculture and food is that you get breakfast -which means really tasty pancakes. Needless to say, I had no trouble demolishing the poor pancake.
  • 9:30 AM Meet the Dean: Our dean was extremely welcoming though he did warn us to be realistic about our progress and marks in academic courses. it can be overwhelming just thinking about our academics. Being such a small faculty, you can’t help but feel like you get to know the place a bit better.
  • 10:30 AM Campus Tour: Our MUG leader showed us around the campus.  Since I moved in, I had trouble finding my class building. I always seem to forget which direction to go and having a large campus can be a bit daunting when you look for your class.I really really love the Birdcoop and I probably should get a membership there soon because working out at the fitness room at Vanier can be awkward aka clear glass walls which everyone gets a good glimpse of you looking all sweaty and gross. I found my Biol 112 classroom as well as my CHEM 121 class (in ye old chemistry building).
  • 11:45 AM Student Success Workshop: Ways for success! One of the LFS 100 teachers introduced himself and gave us a nice pep talk about building skills for success. He encouraged the students to give their best effort in every subject and find a good balance between school and social life.
  • 12:45 PM Lunch: Burgers, veggies and chips, oh my!
  • Our Faculty Cheer goes a little bit like this: ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah, we got the land, yeah yeah yeah, we got the food, yeah yeah yeah, we got the l-l-l-l, LFS, the best!’ (shhh, it’s cool and you know it) 
  • 1:30 PM Pep Rally: Located in the Thunderbird Arena, it’s the climax of Imagine Day. The Battle of the Faculties. It’s like a Canucks playoff except for the sea of red, black, blue and other colors. In fact, Mark Donnelly, the famous Canucks anthem singer came by to sing the national anthem for us. Seriously, for a small faculty like LFS, we held our ground becuase we clearly screamed our heads off trying to best the other faculties. I give major props to the music faculty, because they were the smallest and they were more accurate, beat-wise in their cheers. Then we had our Chancellor and AMS president address us with a lovely, welcoming speech. The word ‘awesome’ is frequently overused, and its true meaning often muddled by mundane things. but this event was clearly AWESOME.
  • 3:15 PM The Main Event: In my honest opinion, the Pep Rally was the Main Event. But nevertheless, this was where UBC clubs and organizations were showcased to the students. At times, you felt like you were in a human sandwich with all the students around, but it’s soooo worth it (You get to join a few clubs and who doesn’t love free stuff?)



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Get Organized (with your tasks)


Okay, when I got accepted into UBC, I was aware about the responsibility of checking my emails and the deadline fees. But you know, I got kinda busy and things were distracting me that I started to forget my errands for UBC.

I’m an organized person, well most of the time. I’ve already paid my meal plan, but I’ve still got my tuition fees to pay. As we speak, I still have 1 more textbook to buy (Buying used ENGL books for specific classes can be difficult to find)). But the good news is that I bought most of my textbooks for first term. Mind you, I finally got to order my CHEM 121 resources online for pickup. Make sure to keep write down your errands the night earlier. This is what I did last night, best shown in Allie’s Hyperbole and a Half:

don’t go to bed so late, kids

So here’s what I learned to keep myself organized and not look like a crazy distressed person scrambling around the campus.

  • Make a check-list: Like shopping for grocery or when you’re too lazy to make mental notes in your head, do this.
  • Buy a schedule notebook:  I bought one, eco-friendly and big enough to write lots of things in. I will probably be clutching this book like a kid with a candy bar.
  • Sticky Notes: They’re great reminders for temporary chores or tasks. I have a tendency to form shapes of a butterfly with them (CREATIVITY!!) Or use the ones on your laptop too, if you have them.
  • Get a Calender/Schedule App on your Smartphone: It works like magic. I have an Android phone and I use Color Note & My Schedule app, and it’s cool because there’s a checklist and text option, and the choice of picking colors! There’s tons of cool organizing apps out there.
  • Whiteboards/Boards: I used to post my doodles all over them until I actually used them for task-keeping. Just put your checklists up there or anything that helps you get yourself organized.


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In the eye of a hurricane (pun intended)

Days till UBC: 3 (moving in on the 2nd!)

Guess what woke me up this morning. A torrential downpour of rain. You know, I never signed up for a hurricane for my vacation in Florida, but it’s definitely a new sight-seeing experience.  It’s times like this where I’m given the opportunity to finally sit down and start blogging. I’ll blog a bit of everything here and there, and in my free time I really like to doodle so I’ll occasionally post them.

My whole summer has been a blur. Other than graduation and summer school (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, PHYSICS), I’ve been involved in an array of tasks like volunteering at the local veterinarian clinic and the stables. I feel like half a year has passed, and believe it or not, I’m actually anticipating for school to start. I’m already looking forward to first year. Unlike high school, going to university as a freshmen means that you get a new start, a chance to meet new friends, get involved and try out new risks or passions.

When September comes, I feel like the following will happen:

  1. My life will spontaneously combust into an enormous explosion shaped like the Horsehead Nebula at the sight of the campus
  2. I will probably dive headfirst into a whole lot of clubs, events and volunteering.
  3. Juggle my social life, academics and my beauty sleep through a blindfold.
  4. Enjoy all the fun and pouring my sweat, blood and tears into my academics.
  5. Try them Blue Chip cookies

There you have it, my sort-of accurate list of things to come this September. You bet your dollar #5 will be fulfilled within the first week. Cheers to that!

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