Reflection on Term 1 Essays

1. Textual Evidence
For my first three essays I received comments saying I needed to provide more evidence. My essays on the Odyssey, Plato and Antigone could have used more textual evidence and quotes from the texts. For example, in my Plato essay I talked about the Sophists but I didn’t give any evidence from the text that they are seen in a bad light by Socrates. For my essay on The Tempest however, I did have a lot of evidence which my peers noted, and since then I don’t think it has been much of a problem anymore.

2. Strength of the Argument (B1,B2,B4,B5)

The biggest concern with all my essays has consistently been the strength of the argument. My points often need more explanation or clarification. This was noted in my essay on The Tempest since I didn’t really explain what I meant by the natural forces of the play and in my Hobbes essay too with my reading of liberty and laws.

3. Organization
My organization has also been a problem sometimes. My peers have often suggested I reorganize my paragraphs to improve the flow of the essay, or when I am using new terms, to define them in the introduction. I could have done this in my Trouillot essay by starting with Silencing the Past instead of Appelfeld.

For my essays in Term 2 I want to focus on fully explaining my arguments. This might mean providing more of an introduction to my ideas instead of going straight to them, like I could have done in my Tempest, Trouillot or Hobbes essay. I also need to remember to address possible flaws in my arguments even if they seem minor or easily over-looked. I could also try discussing my arguments with someone before I start writing so they can point out any major flaws. For organization I also want to have proper balance between texts when I am referencing more than one book and to pay attention to the order of my paragraphs, especially when I am using terms that need defining.

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