Craft Breweries Utilize Social Media

Troika Brodsky, St. Louis Brewery’s communications director, believed that part of what makes the craft-beer industry so accessible and successful is the fact that consumers know the faces and names of the people who made it all happen. People are far more attracted a product that they can relate to, and you just can’t do better than hanging out and drinking beers with the folks who made it.

Now, the sense of familiarity, accessibility and community translates to social media.

Advantages of social media for small-sized craft breweries:

–          Social media is a transparent platform to let actual consumers see how the brewery is dealing with their products, services and customers, especially there are unpleasant experience occurred.

–          It is cost-effective to benefit both growing breweries and insatiable consumers who are looking for craft beer options and information about beers. Small, medium-sized breweries cannot afford the Super Bowl, but they can well organize their social media accounts.

–          Since most small craft breweries are community-oriented and depend on community’s support, social media is able to create a community for beer-lovers and let the brewery hear their voices and talk to them in-person when fellows come to store and check-in on Facebook showing that they are hanging out here with friends. The owner may be able to come out and invite them for two pints of free beers.

Disadvantages of social media:

–          It is difficult to convey in-depth message and diverse information through social media compared with the traditional newsletter, etc.

Another thing that breweries should avoid is that when becoming massive, it should never forget listening to what the community wants. Holding Tasting Festivals or having Friday Nights Gathering Specials is always a good way to bring folks together and develop customer loyalty.



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