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This blog post is a reply to author Adam Sadowski’s Good Beer Deserves Good Packaging.

Good packaging for beers can tell a story and make people wonder what’s on the inside. It can also bring an unique experience to beer-drinkers who are not only looking for tasty beers, but an authentic and aesthetic feeling when spending quality time with family, friends or themselves.

Heineken is not only famous for its high quality beer, but the initiation of the redesign campaign by customers/designers themselves to celebrate its 140th year in the beer business. Your Future Bottle Design Challenge puts an extensive archive of some 250 treasured items and images from the brand’s archives in the hands of designers around the world for use as inspiration.The theme of the designing is connection and future.


Competition: Heineken Future Bottle Design Challenge 2013

Heineken involves its consumers with the company’s history, development, as well as its value and believes. Besides the redesign campaign, Heineken addresses technological innovations, which can be adopted in packaging the beer products to provide better drinking, clubbing and social experience.

It launched a fun “Smart” bottle, which can respond according to the surrounding. Clinking two of them together for a toast causes them both to light up simultaneously, while taking a drink causes the LEDs to flicker rapidly. Setting one of them down for a moment will also trigger a sleep mode, where it slowly dims until it’s picked up again. The lights can even be controlled remotely to have them match up with a musical beat, turning a party into a synchronized light show.

Heineken: Ignite Story

Heineken emphasis the importance of packaging which brings the additional value to beer-drinkers and party people who are looking for tasty beer and fun experience.



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