Executive Roles

Position Responsibilities


Shared Chapter Member Responsibilities

  • Attend student chapter meetings
  • Develop agendas, book meeting rooms and chair Student Chapter meetings on a rotating basis


BCLA (British Columbia Library Association) Representative

  • Become a member of BCLA
  • Attend BCLA Board Meetings as a non-voting member
  • Advocate for student needs and involvement within BCLA
  • Subscribe to the BCLA listserv and forward appropriate emails to the SLAIS-student body
  • Organize the visit to the LASSA Orientation and/or the LIBR 501 class every September and January to promote interest in the BCLA Student Chapter
  • Organize at least one BCLA-related event per term at SLAIS (this can be in partnership with student representatives or BCLA sections, committees or interest groups)
  • Submit short articles about the Student Chapter’s activities to BCLA for publication in an issue of the BCLA Browser, to LASSA for publication in Overdue
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


Communications Officer / Webmaster

  • Monitor e-mail account & forward appropriate emails to chapter members
  • Provide related content & update chapter website (in conjunction with executives)
  • Make recommendations regarding content, design, and addition of new features as appropriate
  • Work with other Student Chapter executive members to develop or provide information in support of BCLA Student Chapter communication and promotional activities
  • Assist in communication and promotion of Association positions, interests and events to the student body and BCLA student members
  • Coordinate completion of annual report with executives; publish & post accordingly
  • Post meeting minutes after they have been approved at a regular meeting
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review



  • Take minutes and distribute in a timely manner to chapter members for review, and make any revisions requested
  • Take note of members present at each meeting, and ensure these are included in the minutes
  • Send minutes to the Communications Officer/Webmaster for posting after they have been approved at a regular meeting
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review
  • Monitor completion of the Year-in-Review & send to Communications Office/Webmaster for posting upon completion
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review



  • Administer and safeguard Student Chapter funding
  • Keep detailed records of all expenses, transactions, donations, etc.
  • Submit expense receipts to LASSA Treasurer for reimbursement from AMS
  • Communicate with LASSA Treasurer regarding state of BCLA Student Chapter funds
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


Tour Co-ordinator

  • Canvas student chapter members for interests and ideas for tours
  • Publicize tours to students via the SLAIS listserv
  • Send details about tours to the Communications Officer/Webmaster for posting on website
  • Initiate contact and liaise with tour facilitator at host institution
  • Arrange thank you cards and small gifts for tour facilitators
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


ALS (Academic Librarians Section) Representative

  • Attend monthly ALS executive meetings, usually via webcast. Update ALPS executive on SLAIS events, news, etc., and provide feedback on ALS events, news, etc.
  • Report back to BCLA/CLA student chapter on ALS events, news, etc.
  • Organize ALS-sponsored events targeted to students interested in careers in academic librarianship – typically one event per semester
    • ALS executive helps connect student reps with academic librarians to serve as panelists/speakers at these events.
  • Assist with BCLA/ALS events as needed
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


YAACS (Young Adult and Childrens’ Services) Representative

  • Book and lead monthly book discussion groups at SLAIS
  • Be a BCLA and YAACS member
  • Plan the “After Graduation” panel in the Spring
  • Attend the YAACS Executive meeting at least once a term (or phone in if you cannot make it) & stay in contact with the YAACS Executive Team
  • Send out emails to YAACS members notifying them of events
  • Plan other events if possible and time permits
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


ViMLoC (Visible Minority Librarians of Canada) Representative

  • Communicate with BCLA student chapter and SLAIS as a whole to keep students apprised of ViMLoC-related events and information
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


Alcuin Representative

  • Become a member of the Alcuin Society
  • Attend Board meetings and report on SLAIS activities (if appropriate)
  • Sign up for listservs and communicate events offered by the Alcuin Society and related organizations to SLAIS students via the BCLA student list
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to the BCLA student list
  • Work with the Alcuin Society to develop the role of SLAIS Student Representative
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


Reader’s Advisory Interest Group (RAIG) Representative

  • Make every effort to attend all RAIG meetings in person, or over the phone, and report back to the BCLA student group about recent meetings or events
  • May participate and assist in the planning and execution of RAIG events
  • May assist with or guest post on RAIG’s blog, “What Are You Reading?”
  • Plan events at SLAIS to raise awareness for RAIG and provide opportunities for students learn about RA
  • Write a report for the Year-in-Review


Note Regarding Affiliated Positions

The BCLA Student Chapter invites students who are involved in sections, committees, and interest groups (SCIGs) of BCLA  to attend Student Chapter meetings, report to the executive, distribute information about SCIG activities through the Student Chapter, and work with the executive on events and activities. The BCLA Student Chapter is not required to recruit student representatives for these SCIGs but may assist with this task if a special request is made and if there is interest among the executive to provide this recruitment assistance.