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Instructors teaching from (or curious about) Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries (2021 CanLIIDocs 1859) who would like to receive very occasional announcements about the casebook, materials and new editions may join the mailing list here.

About the casebook

Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries (2021 CanLIIDocs 1859) is designed to complement the torts curriculum in common law Canadian law schools. Learn more:

  • “The Open Casebook Revolution” (May 2022).
  • “An Open-Access Teaching Q&A With UBC Law Professor Samuel Beswick, Editor of Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries ” – Slaw (Jun. 27, 2022).
  • “The Open Access Revolution: Workshop Recap” – CALT (Jul. 11, 2022).
  • “Making the Case for Open-access Law Texts” – UBC Today, UBC Strategic Plan (Oct. 2022).

Resources for instructors

Tips for instructors

  • Download the casebook PDF, delete chapters and sections you don’t plan to teach, and print and bind the remaining pages for a slimmer physical casebook.
  • Supplement the casebook readings with your own materials, or supplement your own materials with the casebook readings.
  • Encourage students to take the Practice Quizzes & Guided Answer Exercises.