Torts quizzes

Tort law students are encouraged to complete in their own time these multiple-choice quizzes, which draw from the content in Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries (2021 CanLIIDocs 1859):

(Further quizzes will be linked here in due course.)

The following problem exercises are designed to help students practice reasoning using the IRAC method:

And check out tips for 1Ls on law exam strategy.

Students who are new to law school will benefit from reading B. Friedman & J.C.P. Goldberg, Open Book: The Inside Track to Law School Success (2nd ed, New York: Wolters Kluwer, 2016), reviewing the free JD Advising resources on case briefs, outlining CANs, and law school exams, reading the Touro Law Center’s resource on Working with IRAC, and listening to the Just Torts Podcast (U Sydney) on “Problem Question Help & Mental Health” (Dec 1, 2017).