I have talked with some friends who live in the U.S. and had similar concerns about the lack of climate change discussion in the recent Presidential Debates.  The lack of attention to this issue is underscored even more as a majority of the Eastern U.S. braces for what is being called ‘Frankenstorm‘ and ‘Superstorm‘.  Hurricane Sandy is continuing a disturbing trend, hurricane force storms heading towards the Northeast U.S., and will surely fuel further questions as to whether this is due to climate change.

While I will be watching the storm closely I am also looking forward to volunteering this upcoming weekend for a screening of Groundswell.  The film adds to the controversial Enbridge Pipeline.  If you are needing something to do this weekend come down to Science World in Vancouver and check out the film.

Patagonia Groundswell Trailer from george manzanilla @ rundfunk on Vimeo.

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