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My name is Ryan Davis and I am a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the RMES program studying carbon sequestration technologies.  I have a masters in applied anthropology and a masters in environmental health.  I enjoy reading, climbing, sailing, spending time outdoors, and talking about biochar!

I am doing work on biochar and its ability to sequester carbon while also improving soil fertility. Part of the research is working with stakeholders in the community (farmers, business peoples, policy makers) to increase awareness and acceptance of biochar for uses in a variety of ways.

A collective effort will be needed to address the issue of climate change. TerreWEB’s mission is unique because it seeks to build this collective by encouraging communication between researchers and the public.  This blog is meant to share some of the research being conducted at UBC, but also as a platform to openly discuss ideas so please post any questions or comments you have.

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