Our Rewilding Project – part of my EfS M.Ed. Program

Pre Project


Group Project

  • A group of EfS M.Ed. students accumulated research on rewilding efforts, locally to globally, discussed our plans with the City’s Parks Board staff, assembled a variety of edible native plants into packs of four, sold them for a discount of $10 at the Parks’ Tree Sales events, and gave others away to participants of our Rewilding workshops.
  • The most suitable native plants that we found for growing in diverse locations from boulevards to balconies are: Bunchberry, Kinnickkinick, Lingonberry, Nodding Onion, Salad, Strawberry, and Yarrow
  • For samples of our larger native planting, visit the community garden at Riley Park or the school gardens at General Wolfe Elementary or Matthew McNair Secondary.


Post Project News

  • The City of Vancouver is considering a plan to grow native plants in their nurseries, assemble (Rewilding) kits of plants, and offer them to the public.