BIOL 535: Teaching and Learning in the Life Sciences

Offered in alternate years; fantastic course that delves into the scholarly literature on teaching and learning and evidence-based best practices. Students also develop and implement mini-lessons (some in real classrooms), develop a teaching philosophy, and more. Pre-req: completion of the Instructional Skills Workshop.

EPSE 606: College and University Teaching

This course is offered off and on by the Faculty of Education and is suitable for those who are interested in a teaching-focused career. It covers principles and best practices for instructional design and delivery, as well as more practical topics such such as how to job hunt for a teaching position, what to include in a teaching dossier, etc.

The Centre For Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)

Check out their website or visit the centre in the Irving K Barber Learning Centre. The centre provides workshops on instructional skills, presentation skills, leading discussions and others.

CTLT Instructional Skills Workshop

During this intense 24-hours (3, 8-hour days) workshop participants design and deliver three mini-lessons to their peers. Ample feedback is provided by the audience and the facilitator (also a graduate TA). Highly recommended, internationally renowned workshop that typically has a wait-list to get in. Offered about once/month.

CTLT Graduate Peer-Review of Teaching

Have a fellow Teaching Assistant review your teaching, review a fellow TA’s teaching, and/or develop your skills as a peer reviewer of teaching!

CTLT Graduate Student Certificate Program

1 year and a half long teaching development program that supports the development of graduate students’ expertise in teaching and learning. It serves both graduate students seeking excellence in teaching and learning in their future roles as faculty, as well as those who will apply the skills outside of traditional faculty roles.

CTLT Graduate Peer Review of Teaching Program (GPRT)

This peer review program of teaching is a form of evaluation designed to provide feedback to instructors about their teaching.

Other CTLT Events

CTLT hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year, some of which may be relevant to Biology TAs. Check out their offerings at: