XML-RPC Disabled

We have disabled XML-RPC across the network. This is is to prevent the UBC Blogs service from becoming a launch pad for DDOS attacks

Any WordPress site with Pingback enabled (which is on by default) can be used in DDOS attacks against other sites. Note that XMLRPC is used for pingbacks, trackbacks, remote access via mobile devices and many other features you’re likely very fond of. But, it can also be heavily misused like what we are seeing.

–Source: “More Than 162,000 WordPress Sites Used for Distributed Denial of Service Attack

How will this impact users?

Users who have been using services like HootSuite or the native WordPress mobile apps will no longer be able to remotely post to UBC Blogs. Sites that have had pingbacks and trackbacks enabled will no longer be able to receive notices when someone has mentioned blog posts or has linked to your site.