British Empire Industrial/resource extraction Infrastructure South America

Viscous Pathways

Bitumen from La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad to Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. 1876 Diatoms are a major group of microalgae which reside in the world’s oceans, waterways, and soils. Living diatoms make up an incredibly large portion of the Earth’s biomass, constitute nearly 50% of the organic material found in the oceans, and generate between […]

Empire Infrastructure North America Settler colonialism

Ontario’s Colonial Roads Networks 1853 – 1910

Displacements and Dispossessions resulting from The Public Lands Act of 1853 The road systems constructed in Ontario as a result of The Public Lands Act of 1853 have historically played a significant role in the processes of displacement and dispossession of indigenous communities from their traditional territories and homes, reinforcing the mechanisms of settler colonialism […]

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