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Devon House, Kingston 1881: Rising Resilience of the Black and Enslaved

Kingston, a city in Jamaica, has mostly been ignored by historians despite it being the fourth largest town in the British Atlantic before the American Revolution and the town with the largest enslaved population in British America before emancipation. Slave trade in Jamaica was at its height, from the early 1770s through to the early […]

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Gooderham & Worts Distillery: Distilling Industrialism & the Colonies

Every Christmas, Torontonians flock to the distillery district to shop under twinkling lights as they stroll down old brick roads lined by preserved heritage buildings that have been adaptively reused. Designated as a heritage neighborhood based upon, “illustrating the entire distillery process, from the processing of raw materials, to the storage of finished products for […]

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St. Elizabeth’s Hospital: How Segregation Pervades Design at all Scales

While once commonplace in the American landscape, mental asylums are often seen as obsolete relics of an antiquated form of psychiatry. The typology of a stately, manicured hospital for the “insane” emerged in the latter half of the nineteenth century as representations of a newfangled, “moral” and romanticized view of treating mental illness.1 This relatively […]

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The Mohawk Institute (1828 – 1970)

The weaponizing of architecture in Canada’s longest running residential school. In a report written to Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, providing advice on how to assimilate the native population to the culture of the colonisers, it was observed from the American government’s experience that when children are permitted to return home after school, “the influence […]

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Built from Stolen Stones – The National Palace in Mexico City

Julieta Alva The National Palace in Mexico City has served as the residence of the President of Mexico since 2018 and is located on the cities main square.[1] This is a historical site of importance, as it was the original location of the palace of the ruling class during the Aztec empire. Much of the […]

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Le Château Frontenac: Revealing Historical Contention

Le Château Frontenac, a Canadian pacific Railway hotel in Quebec City constructed in 1892, is often revered for being the heart of Old Quebec. Although the hotel nowadays is considered to be luxurious and picturesque, it has not always been thought of so highly throughout the past. What tends to be overlooked are the details […]

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The Hastings Mill Store and the Colonial Project of “Vancouver”, 1865

A city built around resource extraction and the dispossession of indigenous lands and culture The Hastings Mill Store was built in 1865 and is an important case study to examine how British colonists used land as an extractive resource to build industrial capital in BC. The colonial government systematically displaced and dispossessed the lands and […]

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Lowell Mills: The Factory Town in Massachusetts (1835-1955)

A City Created By the Mills The Industrial Revolution was a change in human life circumstances that occurred in Britain, the United States, and Western Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, owing in large part to developments in industrial technology. 1 Massachusetts became one of the wealthiest manufacturing centres in the nineteenth […]

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Cabin at Walden Pond (1845): Performative Dwelling, Freedom Aestheticised, and the Fetishization of Poverty

From July 1845 to September 1857, Henry David Thoreau lived in a small, self-built, single room cabin. It stood beside Walden Pond on the property of Ralph Waldo Emerson, just outside of Concord Massachusetts within the territory of the Pennacook Nation. The structure itself was extremely simple, occupying a ten by fifteen foot footprint with […]

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Rogers Sugar, Vancouver, 1891.

A bitter-sweet investigation into the rich history & role that Rogers Sugar played in Vancouver’s development. The BC Sugar Refinery is a highly industrial building located just behind the railway tracks at the Port of Vancouver, and an easy building to quickly dismiss without giving it a second thought. A series of warehouse buildings and […]

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