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Cuzco Cathedral: Religion as a Means to Implement Colonial Power

The Cuzco Cathedral, completed in 1654, is the most prominent display of colonial architecture in the City of Cuzco, Peru. Located in the heart of the city, the Spanish constructed the cathedral on top of a site that originally held an Inca palace, a palace that was demolished by an earthquake in the early 1650s1. […]

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Built from Stolen Stones – The National Palace in Mexico City

Julieta Alva The National Palace in Mexico City has served as the residence of the President of Mexico since 2018 and is located on the cities main square.[1] This is a historical site of importance, as it was the original location of the palace of the ruling class during the Aztec empire. Much of the […]

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Fort San Pedro: Defense, Christianity and Labour

Fort San Pedro is a military structure created at the height of the Spanish colonial presence in Cebu, located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. The project faces the Cebu strait, where it defended Spanish colonial settlements from Moro raids and conflicts with Dutch forces. As with numerous similar forts distributed throughout the […]


Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral: Spanish Crown’s Domination (1656-1813)

Architectural and Symbolic Changes Over Time The Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico in Mexico City, begun being built in the 16th century by Claudio De Arciniega and was completed in the early 19th century. It presented a mixture of the Renaissance and Neoclassical architectural styles with extraordinary fragments of Baroque decoration applied on the surface. 1 […]

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