Week 3 Field Experiences

Week 3: Memories in place. What and who are remembered about, in, and on places of the campus? Suggested methods include: archival and historiographical research/writing, analyzing campus memorials, rephotography (Metcalfe, 2016) or other techniques chosen in consultation with the instructor. Methods from weeks 1 and 2 may also be applicable (check with instructor).

Examples and Tutorials:

A Brief History of UBC https://archives.library.ubc.ca/general-history/a-brief-history-of-ubc/

Rephotography Tutorial https://blogs.ubc.ca/difficultknowledge/rephotography/

UBC Centennial Timeline http://100.ubc.ca/timeline/

UBC Archives Photograph Collection https://open.library.ubc.ca/collections/arphotos

Campus Roots: The Origin of UBC’s Graduating Class Trees http://trekmagazine.alumni.ubc.ca/2014/february-2014/features/campus-roots-the-origins-of-ubcs-graduating-class-trees/

UBC Japanese Canadian Student Tribute http://japanese-canadian-student-tribute.ubc.ca

UBC ACAM Centennial Alumni Project http://acam.arts.ubc.ca/community-projects/acam-centennial-alumni-project/


UVic News: Trutch name to be removed from residence. http://www.uvic.ca/home/about/campus-news/2017+trutch-residence-renaming+ring

Metcalfe, A. S. (2016). Repeat photography and educational research. In J. Moss & B. Pini (Eds.), Visual methods in educational research, pp. 153-171. London: Palgrave.