The Integration of Corporate Social Responsibility

The opportunity to create a company that encompasses social responsibility practices has many companies rethinking the way they do business. This post stems from the idea of my classmate Farwah Ahmed who shares in his blog “Corporate Social Responsibility: Beneficial or Detrimental?”. The goal is to make corporations see the end result, not to be about making money but implement responsible practices to do good. Why do companies choose to practice corporate social responsibility(CSR). Is it for the sake of the company’s reputation, or is it for the sole purpose to integrate CSR practices to promote ‘good’ with the opportunity to increase profits.

There are four aspects in which the company can improve upon; ethics, community involvement, environmental issues, and well being of employees. When done properly this practice can lead to large opportunity for growth within and outside the company.

CSR has the ability to integrate into many sectors of a company. This integration changes marketing, the reputation of the brand, workplace environment and therefore has influence of productivity and profit. It greatly improves reputation which in turn promotes and attracts employees and customers that have the same values. An increase in productivity has impact to increase profits.

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