Spring Term: CBPR

Soci 495 Community Based Participatory Research: Approaches

The Course

This term 2 course will provide students and community partners with the foundational knowledge of the theoretical underpinning of community based participatory research, with ample time spent learning and exploring the practical skills that are often used in conducting research in partnership with community.

Emphasis will be placed on Asset Based Community Development, ethical considerations when working with diverse and often marginalized communities, the concept of reciprocity, positionally as researchers and as co-collaborators in knowledge production, and strategies for sharing knowledge. Students will identify their own toolkit or assets in terms of research skills, and will identify concrete, specific research methodologies that they can improve in preparation for conducting research. While class time cannot be used to reteach all aspects of research methodologies, general strategies will be reviewed and evaluation research methods will be introduced.

Who can participate?

Students are encouraged to have completed an introductory course in research methods (i.e. Soci 217) as well as the course that meets their intensive research methods requirement for Arts.

How much does it cost?

Students enrolled in this course have no additional fees on topic of paying tuition.