Summer Term: Local

CBPR: Local Applications

The Course

Community Based Participatory Research: Local Applications is a three-credit course taught during the summer. Working with community partners during the CBPR Approaches course, students will collaborate with partners to identify a project and a method of inquiry, develop a research proposal and spend the month of May working with faculty and partners to fine-tune their approach.

Starting in June, students will spend 12-weeks engaged in a project with community partners while completing a series of writing projects that outline their challenge they are addressing, how they are actively navigating the research field, and what they are accomplishing. After completing their fieldwork, students will complete a paper that reports outlining their understanding of the research process and reflect on their contribution and experience in the field.

In Summer 2019 it will be taught by Kerry Greer.

Who can participate?

This course is designed for third, fourth and fifth year students in the Faculty of Arts. Students majoring in Sociology will have priority for registering for this course, but students in other disciplines are encouraged to apply. Applications are available here.

How much does it cost?

Students are responsible for paying tuition as well as a small course fee (approximately $300) that helps cover the cost of coordinating and managing community placements.