Summer Term: International

CBPR International Applications

The Course

This 3-credit summer course, Community Based Participatory Research International Applications (SOCI 495 – CBPR Applicaitons), gives students the opportunity to gain experience in community based research projects at an international site. Students will spend 12-weeks at an organization selected by UBC’s Office of Regional and International Community Engagement were they will participate in a community based research project. Preparations for this experience include having completed the term 2 course on CBPR Approaches, 33-hours of coursework in May at UBC, and a 3-day workshop while abroad. While abroad students will prepare a series of short papers that will help them reflect on their experience, and upon returning will complete a longer paper that details their experience. This is due in the early fall and students also are asked to attend an ORICE event in October where they may present their work.

In Summer 2019 the course will be co-taught by Kari Grain and Kerry Greer.

Who can participate?

Students who are in their third and fourth (and later) year of study at UBC in the Faculty of Arts are welcome to apply.

How much does it cost?

This is one of my favorite parts about this course and why I am so supportive of it: there is a grant that pays 70-100% of the cost of travel. Lots of times this kind of experience is only available to students who have the resources to pay for it, and for lots of our students, paying tuition is already a burden.

Students will have to pay tuition, a course fee and depending on placement, some of the costs associated with traveling to their site and living and supporting themselves while abroad. However, the grant will cover between 70-100% of these costs. Costs associated with extras — shopping, site seeing tours, etc. will have to be paid for entirely by students. The ORICE office has a lot more information about this, so please read their website to learn more.