This blog is part of a course assignment, as I’m sure most or all of my readers know (since you’re probably part of the class too). Presumably these blogs will form a kind of conversation sometimes, so I thought it would make sense to list and link to all of those conversation partners. They are as follows. (All names are the most complete version I found on the blog itself.)

Alina’s Social Media Blog – Alina
Beth Wishart – Beth in Wellington
Bookworms Online – Casey Newbegin
Colleen and Social Media – Colleen Pawliuk
Confessions of a Social Media Skeptic – Megan Brown
Fiona in LIBR 559M – Fiona Hanington
Katie’s Little Blog – Katie Ferrante
Kristine – Kristine Mirate
LIBR 599 – Victoria Lam
LIBR 599 | Social Media – Phoebe Dychinco
LIBR 559M Class Blogs – Ashley Kilian
LIBR 559Musings – Will Haworth
Mark’s Media Blog – Mark
Mark’s Social Media Blog – Mark
Portrait of an MLIS student in Vancouver – Roxanne Kalenborn
Professional Procrastination Portals? – Paige Stewart
The Search Principle – Dean Giustini (instructor)
social media and me – Molly
Social Media & Me – Robin Belcher
Social Media Blog – Taylor Cole
Social Media in Libraries – Liz Simmons
social media musings – salexandru

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