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Lecture: “Supporting Human Rights Lawyers and Access to Justice in Colombia”

“THE COLOMBIA CARAVANA: Supporting Human Rights Lawyers and Access to Justice in Colombia”

“Sin abogados, no hay justicia.”
(“Without lawyers, there is no justice.”)

The Colombia Caravana is a project of international lawyers and judges that monitors the human rights abuses and persecution experienced by legal professionals in Colombia. The Caravana first visited Colombia in 2008 at the invitation of the Association of Defence Lawyers, an umbrella organisation for Colombian human rights lawyers. Lawyers and legal professionals from Europe, Canada and Latin America travelled to Colombia to meet with and receive testimony from lawyers and other human rights defenders at risk of various forms of attack because of their work in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Learn more about the situation for lawyers, judges and human rights defenders in Colombia and about international efforts to support these important actors and improve access to justice in Colombia.

Justice Carol Huddart, BC Court of Appeal (retired)

Heather Neun, Vancouver Labour and Human Rights Lawyer

The Honourable Carol Mahood Huddart and Vancouver lawyer Heather Neun participated as Canadian delegates in the 2012 Caravana, representing Lawyers Rights Watch Canada. The delegation prepared two reports: “Colombia: Protecting Access to Justice” and “Judges at Risk”.

Tuesday, 11 February @ 12:30 PM
Room 122, Allard Hall (1822 East Mall) 

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