Cheryl Burdick



I am currently working at SD64 Gulf Islands at Windsor House School, a K-12 democratic school.  I am team-teaching in a multi-age primary department and teaching an online language program.

I am a recently graduated (2016) Elementary School Teacher.  I studied at UBC in an Inquiry Cohort and completed a practicum in a combined Grade 6/7 class and a practicum at the UBC Farm.

I have a broad range of experience with children in many settings. I have worked and volunteered in schools, sports clubs, summer camps, and residential settings.  I have been active in Homeschool communities and Alternative Education, and enjoy working to help children learn in whatever settings they are in.



I am familiar with the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning and work to incorporate them into my teaching philosophy and practices.

I explore learning from many different directions, such as the FPPL, game design and outdoor exploration, as well as educators such as Peter Liljidahl and Leyton Schnellert.

I work to ensure that my assessment practices are ongoing, reflect the abilities of the students, and are meaningful to the students as well as to the parents and the school.

My priority is to create an intellectually and emotionally safe environment, to free students to take risks with their learning.

I see students as individuals, who bring different strengths and challenges to the classroom, and who learn in different ways and at different rates.

I value collaboration and believe that students benefit from the skills and input of a team of educators.   I work well with parents and colleagues.


SD 64 Gulf Islands, Windsor House School 

Multi-age Primary Teacher at Windsor House School

Mar 2017 – June 2017


SD 64 Gulf Islands, Windsor House School 

Online Language Teacher (High School) at Windsor House School

Mar 2017 – June 2017


SD 64 Gulf Islands, Windsor House School 

TTOC on Call at Windsor House School

Sept 2016 – Mar 2016


SD 38 Richmond 

TTOC on Call for SD38 Elementary Schools

Feb 2017 – May 2017


SD 64 Gulf Islands, Windsor House School 

Educational Assistant on Call at Windsor House School

Jan 2015 – June 2015


SD 40 New Westminster, John Robson Elementary

Aboriginal Worker

Sept 1994 – Dec 1995


Browndale Care Society

Child Care Worker and House Head

June 1987 – June 1992


Volunteer Work:


Sylvan Lake Blizzards FC

Soccer Coach, U12/U14 House League

Apr 2009 – June 2010


Windsor House PAC

PAC Exec Member

Sept 2012 – June 2015


Sylvan Lake Homeschool Group

Gym Teacher

Sept 2006 – May 2007




University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

B.Ed., Elementary



Trinity Western University. Langley, BC

BA, Social Science




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