eReaders are a Travel Necessity

October 30th, 2015 § 0 comments

What would you take when you travel?

A tablet?

Yes, it can entertain you and be useful. But when the power runs out, it’s dead weight to your aching back.

A phone?

Yes, it can be useful but can effectively occupy your attention only if you’re listening to audio via headphones.

All things must end one day. My phone ends in 72 hours, when it succumbs to an exhausted battery.

An eReader?

It will bring one book or your library with you. It will bring your Aeon articles with you when you’re miles from internet (10,000m up), thanks to Pocket (all hail).

Its battery will easily get you though a two-week trip. Even using Sudoku and Word Scramble.

Using the backlight may stunt that lifeline.

But it’s worth being able to read under the covers without a flashlight.


An ebook convert


P.S. Pocket (all hail) is not on any eReader, just on Kobo. So this ode to the low-tech is really mostly applicable to my experience with a much-loved Kobo Aura. And I do carry a phone with me when travelling. Find one with a battery lasting more than a day and you may not have to be that airport wall-hugger. Or just turn yours off.


Source: a wall hugger ad campaign.

Source: a wall hugger ad campaign.

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