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Cogs 300: Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems

Welcome to COGS 300! In this class, we will explore the question of what constitutes intelligence by understanding and designing cognitive systems. You’ll learn to question the nature of cognition by comparing machine intelligence to biological systems. You’ll have the chance to build robots and see for yourself whether they are reasonable proxies for your own body and brain. And you’ll learn to analyze the world from the perspective of cognitive systems.

This class will be helpful for anyone who plans to work with interactive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) (which is pretty much everyone in this digitalized world). It is not a class in technical AI algorithms or implementations, but you will gain an embodied practical understanding of the design of interactive systems. Simultaneously, you will sharpen your ability to critique common paradigms of AI and develop your own creative perspectives and abilities.


This course is targeted at third-year Cognitive Systems students who have taken at least CPSC 110 or equivalent. You should be comfortable with reading scientific/philosophical papers and working in small groups. You should also have some exposure to logic and programming. If you are unsure about whether you are prepared for any aspect of the class, please e-mail the instructor at pbucci@cs.ubc.ca.

Schedule for 2021W1 (September – December 2021)

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursdays @ 11h00–12h30 in ORCH 3074
Lab L01: Monday @ 14h00–16h00 in IONA B151
Lab L02: Tuesday @ 09h00–11h00 in IONA B151
Lab L03: Wednesday @ 10h00–12h00 in IONA B151

Instruction staff

Instructor: Paul Bucci, pbucci@cs.ubc.ca

See the Syllabus for more info.