Welcome to Cogs 300 Labs!

What is a cognitive system? Are you one? What about your phone or computer? We hope that by the end of this course, you might be better equipped to answer some of these questions.

In the labs section of this course, we will be using Unity to simulate various situations related to class content. Unity is a 3D game development software which allows us to create interactive scenes easily. Initially, it can be a big piece of software to learn, but don’t worry – This course doesn’t assume a great deal of coding experience and we will be teaching you what you need to know along the way.

Getting Started

You can find instructions on how to get started with Unity and the other needed software for labs here

Contact Us

Our TA email is: cogs.300@ubc.ca

Please include your name and the name of the TA you wish to contact in your email.


Every lab will be worth 5 marks. Post-labs will be due at midnight the day after your lab. Pre-labs are due before your lab begins. 

Pre-lab (1): A short activity to be completed before the lab begins

Lab (2): Based on the progress you have made during the lab. This is checked by the TA during and at the end of lab time

Post-lab (2): Some short questions to be completed after lab has ended.

Labs Schedule

Each lab page will become available on Friday, the week before the lab will be completed.

W1 – 11 Jan: No Lab

W2 – 18 Jan: Lab 0 – Introducing Unity

W3 – 25 Jan: Lab 1 – Obstacle Course

W4 – 1 Feb: Lab 2 – Robot Arm

W5 – 8 Feb: Lab 3 – Fireflies

W6 – 15 Feb: No Lab – Reading Break

W7 – 22 Feb: Lab 4 – Perceptron

W8 – 1 Mar: Lab 5 – Connectionism

W9 – 8 Mar: Lab 6 – Connectionism 2

W10 – 15 Mar: Lab 7 – Robot Tournament 1

W11 – 22 Mar: Lab 8 – Robot Tournament 2

W12 – 29 Mar: Lab 9 – Robot Tournament 3

W13 – 5  Apr: No Lab – Easter

W 14 – 12 Apr: Robot Tournament