Module 1-Post 5: Indspire

Indspire is an Indigenous-led charity that is committed to the education of Canadian Indigenous youth.  They focus on the long term benefits of the individuals that they help as well as their families, communities and Canada as a whole.  Indspire connects and educated the indigenous you so that they will achieve their highest potential.

I took about a dozen students to one of their conferences a few years ago and many of my students won laptops and were left inspired by all the presenters that were present.  There were Aboriginal individuals from all walks of life: TV personalities, doctors, military individuals as well as business people.  They serve First Nation, Inuit, and Métis students in remote communities as well as urban centres across Canada.  They distribute financial awards, deliver programs, and share resources with the goal of closing the gap in Indigenous education.

The K-12 Indspire Institute is a virtual resource centre that serves educators and communities, who are committed to improving kindergarten to grade 12 success for Indigenous youth.  They are the largest funder of Indigenous education outside the federal government: to date, Indspire has disbursed almost $65 million through close to 20,000 bursaries and scholarships to Indigenous students.

Each year, they present the Indspire Awards, a nationally broadcast, gala celebration of the successes achieved by Indigenous people.

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