2.5 – The state of Education in Kiribati

Reflecting on topics covered in the first weeks of this course, I was curious about how Kiribati’s history of colonization (by the US interestingly) may have played a role in how they educate their population. I found a good amount of baseline data:

Country Profile on International Council for Distance and Open Education – This has some really interesting stats about connectivity (1% access to mobile phones!) and gives a broad overview on current ICT in the nation.

Wikieducator: Kiribati – This has a good overview on what is going on in terms of education, and provides impetus for potential future plants in education

Kiribati National Education Strategic Plan – A great document which I will look through to see how they country is thinking of applying ICT, and whether there is any motivation to integrate culture and indigenous studies in their national education.

UNICEF – Situational analysis of women and children in Kiribati – I am confident I can get a better idea of the role of women and children from these islands through this document. It may provide insight into aspects of their culture I have yet to understand.


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