Module 3.1 -“Indigenous Youth Screen Media: Next Generation Production and Practice” by imagineNATIVE Programming on Vimeo.

The indigiTALKS Video Essay Project consists of three 10-minute video essays from three Ontario-based Indigenous artists sharing their unique perspectives on Indigenous screen media.  The first artist talks about Indigenous artists creating films that fit into mainstream “Hollywood” movies.  She wishes to create films that do not conform to mainstream culture.  She questions if these films would even be recognized if it’s not conforming to mainstream culture?  The second artist’s video essay was about feeling out of place by stepping out of one’s comfort zone.  The last artist wanted to bring out voice in her essay.  Since the Aboriginals were denied a voice throughout history her piece represented evidence of voices reclaiming their voice and self-representation and saying “we will not be silenced”.  The indigiTALKS premiered at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival and is available digitally by request at

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