Module 3 Post 3 – Aboriginal Education and Outward Bound

The Fraser River Journey sparked my interest in using outdoor education to empower Aboriginal youth.   This past year the Burnaby School District partnered with Outward Bound to deliver an Aboriginal Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program in Burnaby Schools.   Throughout the school year, 16 students engaged in monthly leadership sessions ranging from in-school workshops to wilderness expeditions.  I’ve provided some informational links below:

Outward Bound Website – Programs for Aboriginal Youth and Adults

Aboriginal Education in Burnaby Schools Blog

Outward Bound Overnight Trip Video to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.


The following article explores the importance of place-based education in Outward Bound’s Aboriginal programs.

Lowan, G. (2009). Exploring place from an Aboriginal perspective: Considerations for outdoor and environmental education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 14, 42-58. Retrieved from

The first year of the Outward Bound/Burnaby School District project has just come to an end. It does not appear that any final reports have been published yet by the Burnaby School District.  I am eager to  learn more about their partnership with Outward Bound and students’ perceptions and experiences.


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