Module 3 | Post 3 First Nation Perspectives at BCIT

A colleague at BCIT, Derik Joseph, who is an education coordinator in the Aboriginal Services office, recently completed his MA in Communications at Royal Roads.  His thesis centered around 10 First Nation students at BCIT who he interviewed in an effort to better understand the First Nation perspective of life at BCIT (2014).  As a First Nation man himself, he has a unique connection to the students and provides a narrative and story of both his life, his role and place in the research and the themes that exist from the stories told to him by the 10 students who participated and contributed to the study.  Here, as in the videos for this week, the goal is to give back and to create something of use to the aboriginal community.  Derik identifies 5 themes in his study and these include: 1) family history; 2) First Nation identity; 3) culture; 4) work ethic and 5) role models.

BCIT. (May 8, 2014).  Aboriginal Speaker Series – Derik Joseph. Accessed June 6, 2015 from

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