Module 3 | Post 2 New Fire CBC program

This is from the new program on CBC Radio One.  This program is described on the website as follows:

From remote reserves to bustling big cities, join Urban Native Girl Lisa Charleyboy as she brings you to the surprising heart of the conversations important to Aboriginal youth. Drop in as they reveal the complexities, challenges and contradictions of what it means to be young and Indigenous today.

The program plays on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am and on Thursday evenings at 7:30.  I heard the episode this week and it fits very well with Module 3 and with the videos we watched last week.  The title is “What happens when you leave home?”  The link to this episode is at

This resource is a link that I will share with my own students as it is an accessible and weekly contact and link to current issues and youth in indigenous communities in Canada (and from where ever their travels may take them).

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