1. Hi Kerri,

    This is a FANTASTIC site. I shared it in Module 1. In my classroom, I have introduced it to the entire class as a whole. After we check it out then we go off to the lab and I let them explore on their own, often asking them to record what they learn about the way of life and to make connections.

    As the Elementary tech support person in our district, I have also added this to my tech support website. It is so incredibly well done that I truly think people need to check it out and “experience” a traditional villiage. I wish this sort of interactive site were available to learn about other Aboriginal groups.

    The more people that get the word out the better! 🙂

    1. Cool!! I did not realize you had already shared it (oops).
      I wanted to say “Woo hoo! SFU” but you know we are within a UBC frame and all 🙂
      I agree, though the more people that know about this the better.


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