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Module 4.5 Moving Forward

The first part of this documents title is: Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom, with the subtitle, as above, Moving Forward.

From page nine of 11 21 15

From page nine of 11 21 15

The rationale behind including this piece to my project/portfolio/whatever it is becoming, is that it outlines and details key work that has taken place in BC toward facilitating change in education. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is an online government document . . . mediating aboriginal education.


Module 4.4 School District 34 Ab Dept

Again, I felt this link was useful toward my final project. The Aboriginal Department of my own school district is by appointment only these days. Not sure if there is some rearranging going on or if there will be a big reveal sometime later this year. In the meantime, this link from Abbotsford has some pieces that seem useful. My take on the entire electronically-mediated-education will get some more press during my project.


Module 4.3 Jo-anne Chrona CBC Podcast

So this podcast was recommended to me by the principal at one of my schools. So much of conversations at schools these days are focused on the new emphasis in the curriculum document on Indigineity. She felt that what Jo-anne Chrona had to say during this podcast was particularly worth listening to. Hint: her part of the podcast doesn’t start until just after the 26 min mark.


Module 4.2 Nunavut’s Guiding Framework

We all got a chance to hear about this during the audio interview with Heather McGregor.

I felt it needed to be one of my module posts because of the connection and context it may provide for the research project. Even though the context/place is Nunavut, like Heather said, it is the history of all of Canada. There are many things to learn from a document like this.

Image from 11 14 15

Image from 11 14 15

Module 3.5 Alaska Native Cultural Resources

I should search this within the weblogs to see if it has already been posted, but I know it hasn’t been posted by me (and I am kind of psyched about it).

The link is here for Curriculum units (mostly science themed). However, BC’s new Aboriginal “themed” curriculum (their use of words) focuses on competencies instead of specific Prescribed Learning Outcomes. November 12 is the day I get to talk to my staff about how we can meet the requirements of the new curriculum. I am definitely showing them this site.

Module 3.4 Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools

For 20 years the Association of Book Publishers of BC has produced a catalogue of books to assist teacher-librarians in selecting Canadian books. Less than a decade ago they added another catalogue that being Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools. Even though the link is for last years copy, I have this year’s edition sitting on my lap. All the books in the catalogue are either written by, published by, are about or are for Aboriginal people.


Module 3.3 Reconciliation Canada Tool Kit

So our colleague Ryan S. let us know of an event where Chief Robert Joseph O. B. C. would be speaking.

it would be the first time I had consciously heard about Reconciliation Canada. When I looked through their website I found some ideas/things I want to include in my final project, including the link here to the Young Adult Voices – Call to Action Community Tool Kit.

The entire site is worth a visit.

Module 3.2 Turtle Island Voices

I am not really sure what I think of this series. The Turtle Island Voices books, that are offered through Pearson publishing, have fans and enemies. Some proponents say, “Yay, look it is Aboriginal and there is a teacher’s guide.” Opponents complain the reading level is too low. It is, however, what many schools have in their collections to support First Nations content. You can check them out for yourself here.

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