Indigenous Communities of the World

As I have been working and travelling around various parts of the world over the course of my career, I wanted to start off my online indigenous travels focussing on global indigenous communities. Looking at the websites posted, there have been a lot of great posts focussing on mainly North American indigenous issues, so I thought that I could add a bit of international flavour to the conversation.

#1 This website is a great resource that chronicles indigenous issues worldwide. It is published by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) through the International Cry network. There are links to news stories organized by region, and great analysis. The best feature of this site is the ‘Film’ tab, which contains a massive collection of films dealing with indigenous issues.

#2 This site was set up by Cherokee social entrepreneur, Rebecca Adamson, as a way to promote indigenous development that adhered to the local philosophies of indigenous groups around the world. This website has a lot of good links to articles, videos and even radio programs, stressing the importance of indigenous values for the good of our collective future.

#3 IWGIA is an organization that advocates for indigenous peoples around the world. This website is vast and has a lot of information about the state of indigenous communities worldwide as well as numerous links to news articles, videos, journals and other publications related to indigenous issues. I found their ‘The Indigenous World’ tab very informative as it gives you a country-by-country breakdown of indigenous people around the globe.

#4 This website is a bit on the ‘low-tech’ side, but is focussed on education in the world’s indigenous communities. It is also home to a number of useful links along with a monthly newsletter. On top of this they also produce an annual report about issues in indigenous education and are currently in the process of producing a number of documentaries.

#5 This is a link to an online article about the organization called The World Indigenous Research Alliance (WIRA). This is an organization of Indigenous scholars that is looking to improve education in indigenous communities worldwide. The article outlines how the group was created, its goals, affiliations, supporters and funders as well as its plans to help promote indigenous education initiatives.

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