Statement of Research Interest-Indigenous Art

Statement of Research Interest

At this point my research interest lies in indigenous art and how technology is changing how this is perceived. I am wondering about the varied positive and possibly detrimental effects of using technology to share indigenous art forms. Within this research I would like to investigate and include “place based learning” as an aspect of this. This research will involve Indigeneity, education and technology.

This research is of interest to me as a collector of art. Being based in Thunder Bay, Ontario I have been immersed in various aboriginal art through family (my father was an artist and involved in the local art community), through personal interest and through exposure to artists in my community in a variety of ways including visits to local art galleries, attending various art exhibitions and of course in an online environment.

I believe this research will be relevant in my educational practice as it will give me a deeper understanding of place based learning, which can be applied to ways of educating. I hope to refine my teaching practice through a deeper understanding of how art reflects, and perhaps helps to create culture and how this may be affected through the sharing of art with technology.

I look forward to connecting with others who may have a similar interest or those who would like to add to this post.


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