Module 4: Journey’s End


This website showcases stories and poems written by Aboriginal youth from across Canada.  Each year Aboriginal Arts and Stories, holds a contest inviting youth to write about their experiences whether they are fiction or non-fiction.  If you teach Aboriginal youth, you should think about submitting their work to this contest.  You could also invite students to read the pieces that are featured.  One year, one of my student’s from Kahnawake made the top 10 in her age category.



Suicide is now seen as contagious, the good news is that prevention is also seen as contagious.  Many Native communities are turning to the #WeNeedYouHere hashtag to spread awareness about how much an individual will be missed if they commit suicide.
We R Native, is a website that was started in 2012 by Native youth for Native youth.  The site contains a plethora of Health and Wellness information, as well as an “Ask Auntie” page in which youth can ask “Auntie” questions ranging from sexuality to mental health.
Life in the Native American Oil Protest Camps 
This photo series focuses on life on the Indian reservation .  This reservation is the location of the largest gathering of Native Americans in over 100 years. Indigenous people from across the United States and Canada are living in camps on the Standing Rock reservation, they are there to protest the creation of a new oil pipeline that will run through their reservation, not only causing destruction to the land but also destroying their lives forever.

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