Module 4: Post 4

This Youtube Video speaks about the need for change in urban schools. It speaks of the need for greater cultural inclusion, more Indigenous visibility, sharing the true history of Indigenous peoples, in hopes of raising awareness about Indigenous culture. The main speaker speaks of a need to encourage children to be proud of themselves and their roots so they can flourish in the school setting. This video made me consider the Week 10 discussion about place and its role in education. Place has been prominent in Indigenous cultural teachings and I believe it should be present in classrooms today. A greater understanding of place would result in a greater understanding of Indigenous history. In most of Canada, these two concepts are completely linked. Once students understand the way of life prior to colonization and the true history of how Canada has developed, they main gain a better understanding of how and why we see the Canada that we have today. I find there is a fundamental lack of comprehensive history teaching in schools. This seems to be very worrisome as I truly believe an understanding of the past is the key to a better present.

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